Feng Shui is to help create balanced and harmonious energies where you live and work, and align yourself with them. You are then better able to live a richer, fuller, happier life and achieve your highest potential.

”Advises and Tips on how to attract wealth and luck into your Life”


Great Tips for Preparation of Upcoming 2012 Year

For this coming year 2012 year, I suggest that you get (must) these two items for cure.  It helps you a lot in preparing prosperity, abundance and attracting wealth to you and your family for the upcoming year preparation.  1212 year is going to ba a transformational life-changing  everyones’ life.  .
Wealth Vase

Wealth Ship

The wealth base and wealth ship  are used as an abundance cure to help you attract and strengthen the flow of wealth and prosperity energy in your home. 


Chinese Astrology 2012 for the Year of the Dragon
The year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. From the reading of the stars and element relationships in the paht chee chart, this year is going to be a transformational life-changing year! Generally, there are more goodies in store for you in the year 2012 than 2011. It’s a good year to improve oneself, take calculated investment risks and to build wealth. The year 2012 holds much promise and may be a major transition in your life. Whether it turns out extremely good, or really bad, will depend on how you ride the mighty Water Dragon!
The three powerful stars present in the year’s chart are the Star of Aggressive Sword, the Star of the External Flower of Romance and the Star of Powerful Mentors.
The Star of Aggressive Sword brings hostility, violence and aggression. Anger will pervade, forceful words will be spoken and people will become uncompromising, especially among the top brass, patriarchal people and people in charge. Revolutions and rebellions are indicated. Harmony does not come by easily. It becomes more demanding and competitive in the corporate world. People are motivated to outperform and step on others to achieve their goals.
For those who are seeking to reach a new career height and be successful in your profession or business will appreciate the Star of Powerful Mentors. This star brings you the good fortune of influential people giving you the support, help and recognition to propel your professional life from poor to good, good to great.
The 2012 Eight Character chart has every element EXCEPT Fire. This missing element rules creativity and intelligence which are vital ingredients for success in this competitive world today. We all know Feng Shui is all about balance of the energies thus it’s important to compensate the imbalance by introducing Fire element in your home or office. You can overcome the shortage by adding more lights, keeping them on for a longer period of time and using decorative items and upholstery that are red in color.
It's important to note that in order to enjoy the brilliant year ahead, the negative cosmic energies have to be kept under control. Build your confidence, empower your life force and fortify your inner strength with the help of spiritual practice and wealth luck and big successes will come to you naturally in 2012.

Golden Abacus

The Abacus is a very useful for those looking to excel in the subjects of accounting, mathematics, economics or physics.
In ancient China, the abacus was an instrument used to calculate transactions and trade deals by clerks and merchants across the lands. It is where the modern day calculator derived from – it was a board with many levels of sticks, on which little beads could be pushed back and forth to symbolize numbers and figures.
Due to its history of clever working and problem solving, the Abacus is now a symbol of prosperity and quick-thinking money-making strategies. It is used widely by people of high monetary position, such as entrepreneurs and corporation leaders. It will increase the income of businessmen, store owners and fiscal planners, ensuring that no amount of money goes uncounted. It will also benefit the careers of those involved with the stock market, banks, and trading industries.
The Abacus is a very useful tool for students who are looking to excel in the subjects of accounting, mathematics, economics or physics. This tool will enhance the ability to think quantitatively, and be more nimble with numbers. For individuals in the career fields of science, engineering or mathematics, an Abacus upon the work desk will increase your numerical intelligence.
The Abacus can be placed on a study or work desk, either in the office or home, used as a keychain, or hung from a briefcase or school backpack. It will always serve to heighten knowledge and multiply monetary gain.

Feng Shui tips on how to use this Feng Shui product:
1. If you own a store or shop, display an Abacus at the front reception or beside the cash register. You or an employee must shake the Abacus at least once daily, preferably in the morning; more customers will be attracted by the vibe that the loud sound produces.
2. According toFeng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, the Northwest sector generates Mentor Luck; placing the Abacus in this premise will help you gain the foundational support from influential icons, who will prove to assist you in your climb up the career ladder. Mentor Luck, Nobleman Luck or "Gui Ren" luck is the kind of luck that will bring you a good samaritan or someone kind and helpful who will give you a lending hand or a life-changing push during times of distress, trouble and difficulty; not necessarily in the form of money but also opportunities, wise advice, support, encouragement or simply be there to listen.
3. According to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, the Northeast sector is the creator of Education Luck; displaying an Abacus in this corner will enhance academic aptitude and allow for greater achievement in areas such as accounting, engineering and mathematics.


Tara, Saviouress and Mother of all Buddhas

Tara is a Buddha who is depicted in various ways that reflect her activity. She can be peaceful or wrathful, alone or surrounded by 21 manifestations or aspects. In times of great difficulty, millions of people call upon "Great Noble Tara".

Not everyone agrees on how she should be depicted, however, and perhaps that in itself is significant. Very experienced Tibetan artists could not recall which colours, gestures and symbolic items of the many aspects of Tara belonged together, until they were shown the details of the 21 Taras as illustrated in foreign texts. Also there seem to be waves of popularity for different lineage teachings of her practice, some claiming origin with one or another famous teacher of the past and others none at all. This is, some versions of the ritual worship (Sanskrit: sadhana) or practice are regarded as termas-tantric texts revealed or uncovered by gifted individuals under extraordinary circumstances.

When her worship began to develop is unknown. The Chinese pilgrim Hsuan Tsang, who visited northern India between 633 and 645, reports without rescribing, a Tuoluo image near Nalanda Buddhist University to which the general population was particularly devoted.

The Sanskrit root tar means to "cross over" or to "traverse" as in using a bridge to ford a river. However, it can also be translated to mean "star" and to "pupil of the eye".

In Tibetan she is known as Drolma.

Often people say that White Tara and Green Tara ( the two most distinctly different and popular forms of her) derive from Birkuti, the Nepali wife and Wen-Cheng the Chinese wife, of Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo, though opinions sometimes differ as to which queen is which Tara.

In Tibetan culture, and some others, green is considered to include all the other colours.

Green Tara is typically pictured as a dark green-skinned girl of 16. She usually wears striped leggings but above only her shoulders are covered. She wears many ornaments of the Samboghakaya, like her beautiful jewellery, diadem, etc.

Green Tara has her right foot extended as if about to rise. Her left hand in the gesture of granting refuge holds the stem of a blue water lily or utpala that waves over her left shoulder while her right hand, also holding a flower, offers whatever we desire.

The practice of Green Tara helps to overcome fear and anxiety, but devotees also believe she can grant wishes, eliminating suffering of all kinds and bring happiness.

When called upon, she instanteously saves us from the eight calamities (another lineage describes 16). The First Dalai Lama list the 8, and inteprets them as representative of corresponding flaws, defects or obscurations:
  • Lions correspond to pride
  • Wild elephants to delusions
  • Fires to hatred
  • Snakes to envy
  • Robbers to fanatical views
  • Prisons to avarice
  • Floods to lust
  • Demons to doubt
It is said that, despite his having taken a vow before Amitabha Buddha to enable everyone without exception achieve liberation from Samsara, Chenrezig became so discouraged at the untold numbers of sentient beings that he began to cry. From his tear formed Tara.

Tara is known as the Mother of all Buddhas. Her reincarnations can be traced back all the way to Prajnaparamita, and she in turn is an emanation of Smantabhadri, the Spiritual Consort of and inseparable from Samantabhadra, the primordial Buddha.

She is distunguished by "her body... white as an autumn moon; clear as a stainless crystal gem, radiating light. She has one face, two hands, seven eyes, three on her face and one on each hand and foot". She is described as having "the youth of 16 years" but is often shown more full-bodied than Green Tara. Her right hand makes the boon-granting mudra, and the thumb and finger of her left hand holds a branch of white utpala, the petals level with her ear.

On the branch are three flowers in various stages of growth symbolic of the three times (past, present and future). The fruit symbolises Buddha Kasyapa, Buddha of the Past. The blooming flower stands for Buddha Sakyamuni, the Buddha of our current time, and the flower bud represents Maitreya, Buddha of the Future..

Her hair is blue-black, bound up at the back of her neck with long tresses hanging down. Her breasts are full; she is adorned with diverse precious ornaments, her blouse is of many-coloured silk, and her robes are of red silk. The palms of her hand and the soles of her feet have an eye each, making up the Seven Eyes of Knowledge. She sits straight and firm upon a moon mat, cooling with compassion, and her legs crossed in the "diamond posture".

White Tara is also referred to as the "Mother of all the Buddhas", because she embodies the pure cotivation, which is compassion, of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Her eyes represent her perception of all suffering that is apparent (two eyes that we normally have), that is psychological/spiritual (her Third Eye), that is inherent in activity (eyes in her palms) and suffering which can be found when we progress (the eyes on the soles of her feet).

Tara's green colour is the result of the mixing of white yellow and blue, which stands for pacifying, increasing and destroying respectively. This means all activities is embodied in Tara, hence a verse in a Tantra text: "By a green wheel, one is protected; one cheats death with a white one." That also means the Green Tara prectice incorporates all the other practices of the other Taras, including the Golden Yellow Tara, Vasundhara.


Feng Shui Influence

Feng Shui exerts influences up on us in many specific areas of our lives.
These eight more commonly know ones which are associated with the eight trigrams are:-
LoShu number and Trigram
Career and Business - this area affects things to do with how we earn our living, whether it’s in somebody else's business or our own.
Knowledge - this area affects things to do with studying, learning and other” brain work” related activities.
Family - this area affects things to do with our real family, our friends, our colleagues at work - “our” circle of people.
Wealth - this area affects things to do with our prosperity, not so much how much we earn, but the extent to which it accumulates.
Fame - this area affects things to do with how people perceive us -our reputation.
Marriage and Partnerships - this area affects things to do with our close partnerships, the “one on one” relationships, whether with our “significant other”, our business partner, or just someone we work closely with.
Children and Projects - this area affects things to do with creating things, whether children in a home, projects at work, a painting, or whatever else.
Helpful People - this area affects things to do with those people who come into our lives out of nowhere, help us then disappear whence they came - General public in Western terms.

These trigrams are also associated with specific family members and specific parts of the body and wherever they occur they influence the corresponding aspect of our lives:
The BaGua, PaKua, Ba Chap, Flying Star etc. analysis tools are used to tell us where these occur in buildings and in individual rooms and whether the influence they exert is a beneficial one or whether it is harmful.
There are many specific beneficial and harmful influences in Feng Shui which combine with the above influences to tell us for instance whether “Helpful People” will indeed help us or whether they will cause trouble. Eight of the more common ones are:
Pin Yin
Tien Yi
Healthy Wealthy
This influence helps resolve difficulties, improve health, improve relationships.
Sheng Chi
This is a very beneficial influence which improves whatever aspect of your life it is associated with.
Nien Yen
This is a stabilizing influence which is especially favourable to supporting stable relationships.
Fu We
Gate of Chi
This is a favourable influence, but nothing very spectacular, sometimes said to favour career.
Ho Hai
Accidents & mishaps
This is the kind of influence which causes things to go wrong, hassle and general irritation.
Wu Kue
Five Ghosts
This is actually very powerful energy. So powerful that it overwhelms most people causing injury, burglary, quarrels and the like.
Lui Sha
This is the influence that causes conflicts and poor decisions.
Chueh Ming
Total Loss
This influence actually destroys the energy, causing loss in whatever it is associated with.

Wherever these occur they exert their influence on those aspects of the Feng Shui that occupy that same space.
So for instance a “Wealth” influence can affect our wealth beneficially or harmfully, depending on which of the above influences it combines with.

By boosting the energy in an area where one of these occurs you can generally increase the strength of that influence.
e.g. if you want to boost your career try adding White and Gold (both Metal element) to the decorations in the North (Career on the PaKua).
But be careful though, not all influences are beneficial – you may boost a harmful one.  That’s why it’s always best to change one thing at a time in a way that’s easy to reverse and observe the results.


Sacred Mantra Ring

The Sacred Mantra Ring carries two powerful mantras, one on the inside of the ring touching the flesh when worn, and another mantra on the outside. The inner mantra is a wish fulfilling mantra while the outer mantra has the power to purify 100,000 eons of negative karma just by seeing it.
This thus eliminates the obstacles that prevent one from reaching one's full potential. Wearing this ring on a chain around the neck or on the middle finger will help make all one's fervent wishes come true. The mantras on the ring are as follows:

Wish fulfilling Mantra


Just by seeing purifies 100,000 eons of negative karma



The TOP 5 tips for immediate results!
By simply applying these feng shui bedroom tips, you will have a bedroom that is sensual, intimate, comforting and incredibly restful — exactly what it should be!
Without question, these are the 5 most important tips bedroom feng shui tips:
1.     Reposition your bed.
2.     Clear clutter and clean.
3.     Encourage equality.
4.     Use appropriate colors and imagery.
5.     Transform your bedroom into an oasis.
1. Reposition your bed.
This is probably one of the most important feng shui bedroom tips. If you haven’t already, position your bed so that you can see the door—this is called the command or power position.

Why is this so important? On an energetic level, when you face the door you are facing the incoming flow of energy. In this position, you can “see” the opportunities that the universe is sending you and you are open to receiving inspiration and guidance. This includes the dreams and insights you receive at night. And since you probably spend the majority of time either at your office or in your bedroom, it is extremely important to place your desk and bed in the command position.
People in power — royalty, the President of the United States, even Donald Trump — always face the door. Make yourself the King or Queen of your space.

2.  Clear clutter and clean.
A clutter-free space is absolutely essential in bedroom feng shui. You cannot get a restful night of sleep if you are surrounded by stagnant energy and chaos.  You  know that your home is working on you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — make sure you are receiving positive messages while you sleep!

3. Encourage equality.
Most people want to either attract a romantic relationship or improve an existing one. One of the best feng shui bedroom tips to accomplish this is to make your space inviting for your partner with the appearance of equality. For example, make sure you can walk around both sides of the bed and provide a night table and lamp on each side.

4.  Use appropriate colors and imagery.
Everything in your bedroom should promote rest, rejuvenation, and intimacy. Earthy feng shui bedroom like browns, creams and tans are soothing and peaceful, while colors like red, pink, and lavender encourage sensuality and romance.
The same goes for artwork. Choose peaceful and relaxing images to transform your bedroom into a personal oasis. Or if you want more romantic choose sensual and romantic images. Make sure your imagery reflects your desires.
As always, you can locate where your bedroom is within the feng shui bagua and add appropriate imagery and colors to enhance that area.

5. Transform your bedroom into an oasis.
A feng shui bedroom should be your personal sanctuary offering a respite from our hectic world.
The bedroom is not the place for exercise equipment, a home office or storage!
This is one of the best feng shui bedroom tips because some made this mistake. Your relationship will be suffered when you have both a desk(working) and an exercise bike (any excercise tools) in your bedroom. Just don't do it.